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Trust is built through transparency, reliability and high standard professional services.

Most people can learn about financial markets, but deep understanding and true profitability comes only with an extensive experience.
Opera Capital Management operates mainly on a word-of-mouth basis where satisfied customers introduce other customers and on solid and established business relations.
Opera Capital Management’s customers are professional or elective professional clients, small/medium-size companies and institutions willing to develop, extend or strengthen their financial departments.


Opera Capital Management Ltd. trades exclusively with professional clients and eligible counterparties as defined in the MiFID directive such as professional customers, private and HNW individuals, medium-sized companies, corporate customers and institutional clients.

Our aim is to develop and provide tailored solutions, support and assist our customers throughout the whole investment process from planning to results.

Experience, reliability, trust and results are our main drivers and set high quality standards to our work.

    • Fixed income
    • Equities
    • Commodities
    • Forex

    Investment Advisory

    • Support to customers treasury divisions

    Treasury consultancy

    • Creation of investment vehicles

    Investment vehicles

  • Business development

  • Market analysis