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Haven currencies are back on the rise. Due to the worsening of the epidemic in Europe, the safe-haven currencies ( the dollar and the yen) are rising again.
The eur/usd exchange rate dropped to 1.17 though it returned to testing 1.18 at the beginning of the week.
In the UK, the pound remains subject to Brexit news. The deadline of October 15th has passed without significant notices. Talks continue as both sides show a willingness to continue negotiations.

On the emerging currencies front, the decline of Eastern European currencies continues. The worst performance in the area was recorded by the Hungarian forint and the Polish zloty, which are subject to the damage caused by the epidemic. Yet another week of decline for the Turkish lira as the central bank is expected to hike rates on Thursday.
The market sentiment felt on the yuan VS dollar exchange rate, which has appreciated because of the greater resilience of the Chinese economy on the epidemic front.

Eur / Usd
Over the past week, the exchange has fallen towards 1.17 going to test the trendline that started from the lows recorded in July.
The weekly oscillators signal the loss of strength of the uptrend, which could accentuate if the exchange rate falls below 1.1661.
On the upside, a breach of 1.1811 could give rise to a new bullish movement.

Eur / Gbp
The week ended with a slight rise in the exchange rate, though remain in the 0.90-0.915 area.
The daily oscillator signals an oversold situation; for that reason it reasonable to expect a rebound.
On the downside, the level to be monitored is at 0.8872. While, on the upside, it is at 0.9148

Eur / Jpy
The Japanese currency appreciated in general. The exchange rate with the euro fell below 124 but stopped above the support at 123.44.
The weekly oscillator signals a loss of bullish strength, so in the coming weeks, the exchange rate could drop further.
On the downside, the level to monitor is at 122.38. Its break could bring the exchange rate up to 120.70.
On the upside, the first resistance to monitor is at 125.77.

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