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The past week was marked by a general weakening of the dollar against all major currencies, mainly due to the possibility of a deal on a new fiscal plan between Republicans and Democrats.

The Eur / Usd exchange rate reached above 1.1850, in the context of a general appreciation of the currencies of emerging countries and those of Eastern Europe.

This week, however, began with an appreciation of the dollar. Negotiations between Republicans and Democrats have stalled and the global epidemic has imposed a risk-off climate on the markets. The Eur7Usd exchange rate fell to 1.18 area.

In the beginning, the pound also appreciated again, thanks to the extension until 28 October of talks with the European Union. In this context, the French government expressed its willingness to dialogue on the fisheries issue.

Among the worst currencies of the week, we find the Turkish lira that has suffered a sharp depreciation after the central bank’s decision not to raise rates and after Erdogan’s statements against French President Macron and measures against Islamic terrorism.

The exchange rate against the dollar reached a new all-time high of 8, while against the euro at 9.50 while it points to 10.50.

A week of depreciation also for the yuan, after rumors about the 10 billion increase in the share that domestic funds can invest in foreign securities.

A week of appreciation for the South African rand, the ruble, and the Mexican peso.


Eur / Usd

Last week the exchange touched the 1.1850 level, while at the opening this week is settled towards the 1.18 level.

The resistances to be observed are host at 1.19 and subsequently at 1.20.

Conversely, the media to monitor goes between 1.1661 and 1.1603. Also, note the support in the 1.1748 area.


Eur / Gbp

Over the past week, the exchange rate has remained close to the 0.915 area waiting for new news on the Brexit front.

On the downside, the supports to be monitored are in the 0.90 and 0.8872 areas. On the upside, however, the resistances to be monitored are located in  0.9150 and 0.9326 area.


Eur / Jpy

Thanks to a general depreciation of the yen, the exchange rate returned to the 125 area. At the beginning of this week, there was a reversal of the climate that changed the trend.

The first support to be monitored on the downside is placed in the 123.44 area, subsequently at 122.38. On the upside, however, the two resistances to be monitored are placed at 125.77 and 127.60.

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