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Good week for the pound that has appreciated almost generally, due to the attitude of some central bankers and Governor Baily. Expectations for a rate hike as early as December have increased. The Eur / Gbp exchange rate fell below 0.85 to its lowest since August.

The Eur / Usd exchange rate also fell, reaching 1.1529. Thanks to the rise in Western rates, the yen has almost generally depreciated. Good week for the Norwegian krone and the Ruble favored by brent rise. The Polish Zloty rose after the rate hike. The movement then returned following the governor’s statements.

Among the worst currencies of the week, we have the Real and the Indian Rupa.


Eur / Usd

A fifth consecutive week down for the Eur / Usd has reached 1.1529. On the downside, this level remains to monitor followed by supports at 1.1448 and 1.1241. At the moment, however, the oscillators are both oversold. On the upside, the first resistance is at 1.1655.

Eur / Gbp

Worst week in over 5 months for Eur / Gbp, that has fallen below the support at 0.8510. The daily oscillator signals an oversold situation. On the downside, to monitor we have the support at 0.8461.

Eur / Brl

At its highest since May, the exchange rate reached 6.40. However, the daily oscillator signals an overbought situation. On the upside, we have resistance at 6.46, followed by 6.53 and 6.7820. On the downside, to monitor we have supports at 6.19 and 5.89.

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