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Last week has been characterized by an almost generalized appreciation of the dollar. The Eur / Usd exchange broke the support at 1.1515. The spread between the US / EUR rates widened after the higher-than-expected US inflation data, which stood at 6.2%.

The pound also appreciates. Is expected a rate hike for 2022. The data for the third quarter of GDP has disappointed expectations. Inflation and labor market data are expected this week.

Excellent week for Real, despite the approval of the law that allows for greater fiscal spending. After higher-than-expected inflation, a rise in rates is expected.

After a rise of 25bps, the Mexican peso closed with a depreciation. Hungarian forint, Turkish lira, and ruble are down.


Euro / Dollar

After breaking the support at 1.1515, the exchange rate updated the new lows of the year to 1.1514. Oscillators are oversold.

There are divergences that increase the likelihood of a rebound.

On the downside, the support at 1.1450 is to monitor, which if broken would open the way to 1.1241.

Euro / Pound Sterling

Slight drop in the Eur / Gbp exchange rate that reached the support at 0.8520; remaining however within the side channel. Oscillators give conflicting indications. A pause in the bullish movement is likely. On the downside, the supports to monitor are 0.8475 and 0.8414.

On the upside, the resistances to monitor are at 0.8591 and 0.8718.

Euro / Real

Last week the Eur / Brl exchange rate reached 6.17, canceling the rise of the previous month. The daily oscillator is oversold.

The supports to monitor are at 6.19 and 5.85.

On the upside, the resistance to monitor are 6.45 and 6.75.



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